Turning Lee’s Art Into A Book Cover

A Lee inspired illustration by the lovely Nikki Grimm. Check out how it will be used to create both the final book cover and release trailer in the weeks to come.

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The Radiant Heroes continues to rapidly approach the release date!

In the meantime, what is this?
Excellent question, this wonderful pastel artwork was created by our illustrator Nikki Grimm. It was crafted to resemble some of the pastel-work that one of our characters, Lee, has been known to doodle. One could say that this is a creation of our young hero himself!

Though many of the characters in this drawing have yet to be introduced in the online-available teaser chapters one and two – I’ll let you in on the inside scoop:
(from left to right) Grekk, Marlow, Stein, Lee, Drogon and Garf.

You will notice that only poor Tholden is missing. Why is that?
Well, it is believed that either Lee or our illustrator, isn’t fond of him. Once you read the novel, you will have the answer to that one.

On our quest to create an original and interesting book cover, I have chosen to have this very illustration give power to the creative machine. With it in mind, we are going to create both a release trailer and book cover cover for your viewing pleasure. I will be sharing both the behind-the-scenes creation process and final products with you. It will be exclusive early access – right here on mcgrimm.blog, so follow along at the bottom of the page or by email.

Ideally, I want to show it to you in the form of a behind the scenes video, but I will tell you the equipment being used and let you mind wander:

-SLR Canon Rebel.
-x2 4k Camcorders.
-Blood (from Bryan (with a ‘Y’) or theater blood).
-An antique hatchet.
-Leather gloves.
-An old wooden structure (barn, shed, ship, etc.).

I am excited to deliver a finished product to you soon and appreciate all the support!


With love,

M.C. Grimm


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