Searching for a book cover and finding inspiration.

Concept artwork and book cover inspiration by our famous illustrator Nikki Grimm.

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If you have read Chapter 1: The Cleric of Tristian and Chapter 2: Man and Monster, then you may have some more insight onto what this bloody pastel artwork is. If you can guess who that suspicious and shadowy figure is, then you are quite the clever one and should win a gift. Leave it in the comments and I’ll try to think of something prize-worthy.

(Offer expires immediately upon post and I may or may not actually send any prize of any kind at any time.)
Isn’t this how all fine print reads? I just went ahead and frustrated myself thinking about how ridiculous fine print is…

Continuing on:
In this sketch our lovely illustrator, Nikki Grimm, brings both an inspiration for a cover design and a dynamic scene that will shape the world of our young hero, Lee. A brilliant mind of cinematic experience and artistic creation – invaluable and incredibly sexy.

But – how will we bring a similar scene to live action for a cover photo shoot? Excellent question, let me elaborate.

Authenticity is key. Aged parchment, antique pastels, in a structure that has yet to be torn down for reclaimed wood, captured with a high end SLR camera, torch light illumination, and blood effects donated by a good friend (we’ll call him Bryan – with a ‘Y’).

Want to see what we create? You will be the first, before publishing, right here on


With love,

M.C. Grimm

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