Bookmarks and Radiant Heroes Update

Demo of promo bookmarks and Radiant Heroes update – final tweaks.

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I received my Radiant Heroes bookmarks today and while I’m not 100% thrilled with them – I’m excited as ever. I don’t blame Vista-print for my criticism, since I do believe it is the photo or perhaps the font that is holding me back from loving them. On the left of the photo is the front, on the right is the reverse. I was looking for something as intense as the story is, violent as our characters, and that shows some art of magic. Since I don’t yet have a book cover, I thought it would create a more stand-alone design to order this first and therefore show the varying elements of the same fantasy world.

I did show them to some trusted supporters (like you, my wonderful reader, so please let me know what you think) who claim the matted look is ‘cheesy’ and ‘cheap’. Because of this feedback, they are going to be laminated – for aesthetics and to make them a bit more durable. I will also be doing some additional promos once there is a bit more design elements in place i.e a book cover.

Finally, the update: I am steadily receiving completed chapters back from my editor and loving all the tweaks to it. I think you will too. All that’s left for me to do is decide on a cover design and any last minute additions as I get feedback from the powers that be (editors and alternate personalities in my mind). To summarize, everything is on track and I am very excited to deliver Episode 1 this May.

Thank you for all your love and support, I’ll be seeing you soon!


With love,

M.C. Grimm

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