The Legend of Radiant Heroes

What is Radiant Heroes and when will the legend begin? Check it out here.


What is Radiant Heroes?

More simply: The written epic-fantasy series of legendary souls that have shaped their world.

More defined: The world of Radiant Heroes exists in the early phases of its life. Creatures, men, and monstrous beings of nature flourish throughout the lands. Unlike in dying worlds, the essence of true magic thrives, and can be harnessed by the living things around it. Here, old gods are still young and their presence is felt – or even experienced.

Throughout the legend to come, our brave heroes will find themselves in the center of many great happenings. For some, this will mean reaching from deep within their being and emerging more mindful and courageous. For those of lesser character, this might lead to trouble or certain death. Though these characters exist in fantasy, their world is real. The risks they take are packed with danger and their rewards are of great wealth and power.

Very soon, you will be taking on a most perilous adventure and it is not one for the faint of heart. There will be times of great victory, anger, and of mourning. As with any journey, there will be blood and there will be healing. Prepare, brave reader, as our heroes need you to breathe life into their stories – and see them through.

Radiant Heroes
Episode 1: A Fantastic Youth – coming July 2017.


With love,

M.C. Grimm

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