Lee Cheng’s Journal: Entry #2

Lee Cheng’s journal has been discovered. Step inside the written mind of this 12 year old cleric living among monsters and men in the Radiant Heroes series.


The following journal entry is written by Lee Cheng after the events of A Fantastic Youth Chapter 2: Man and Monster and the beginning of Chapter 3: Meeting the Family. To follow this little ones adventure, start with entry #1.

For more information on what this journal entry means, check it out here.



Stein and Tholden have so many friends – many warrior friends. I mean, a minotaur travels with them. I never saw one of those before, but he is so tall and has very sharp horns on his head. His name is Marlow and he’s actually really nice to everyone. Except towards Garf, but everyone seems to pick on him.

They call Garf a half-breed because he’s part human and part orc. I’ve had a few come through the clinic before, but never really pieced that mix together. He doesn’t seem as strong as the others, but he is kind. He took the time to tell me some stories about Stein’s past.

In fact, he told me about how Stein was actually a prince to King Treyalt – believe that? And he told me about how sick the king was that he purposely infected Stein with a disease and then did experiments on him in order to find a cure. Garf thinks that’s why Stein has so many… demons. And his scythe, I almost forgot, his scythe was taken from a reaper. Like a reaper that comes to claim your soul and guide you int the afterlife when you die. Stein fought and killed the reaper and then stole his scythe. It sounds impossible and he might have been lying to me, but it was such a good story. Stein’s so cool!

There was another guy there too. He was a dragonkin. I think they are descended from dragon blood or something like that. Either way – I didn’t really get to know Drogon much. He really seemed to be a silent authority figure that kept the peace between this very strange bunch. I have been wondering how they manage to travel together and live in such tight quarters when they argue as much as they do. Drogon seems to be the glue.

They all travel around to hunt monsters and save people. I think there’s more to it than that, but Garf wouldn’t tell me more. I’ll find out more tomorrow, I’m tired now.

Good night.



With love,

M.C. Grimm




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