Book cover inspiration and Radiant Heroes update.

On a quest to inspire a fitting book cover for Radiant Heroes, we set out to capture the wilds of a (potentially) radioactive quarry. Here’s what we found –


Radiant Heroes: A Fantastic Youth is complete!

Well completely written, now it needs to go through an entire editing and correcting phase, but alas – nearly shelf ready! I’m so proud to be able to tell you that it should be delivered on time.

While awaiting the editing I have been charged with finding inspiration of sorts for the cover. Day ones journey has brought me here, to an abandoned quarry in Kingston, NY. The mystical glow of the toxic waters really brings out the feeling of another world, doesn’t it? Look – this is just a start, but I will continue my hunt for fantastical images and share them with you here.

We’re on this journey together, after all.

With love,

M.C. Grimm


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