Radiant Heroes: Discovered Character Journals

Together we discover the journals of some major characters in the Radiant Heroes adventures. What’s inside?


Periodically, throughout the world of Radiant Heroes, our characters will have so much depth and development to their own personal stories that I can’t possibly put it all down in a way that would do it justice – while simultaneously defining the main quest.

Instead, I am going to create a layered and intricate world of detail to immerse yourself within. This world I am introducing you to is in a constant state of motion – events are always happening whether we are watching or not. What do I mean by we? Well in my novel, I am going to be taking on the adventure with our heroes, but what happens when they split up? Where do they go and what do they do? I plan to tell you.

Some of our characters, like us, are too busy to keep a journal.
Some are too mysterious to care about those kind of things, but others have a big heart on their sleeve and too many thoughts to keep inside.

These entries will put you in the characters position and let you know exactly what they are feeling and why. I will also use these entries to give you behind the scenes adventures whenever a character might be elsewhere – off the pages.

I hope you enjoy them and thank you for being a part of this epic adventure.


With love,

M.C. Grimm



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