Lee Cheng’s Journal: Entry #1

Lee Cheng’s journal has been discovered. Step inside the written mind of this 12 year old cleric living among monsters and men in the Radiant Heroes series.



The following journal entry is happened to have been written by Lee Cheng after the events of A Fantastic Youth Chapter 2: Man and Monster.

For more information on what this journal entry means, check it out here.



{Journal,  Emris,

Last time I went to Premier, Lester was nice enough to give me an unsold notebook that was taking up room on his shelf. I’ve been so excited to write in it. I had noticed it months ago when he first stocked it and was looking at it every time I went in. I wonder if he noticed? I loved the green leather and gold decorations and on the front it has two large emerald dragon scales. At first I thought I should use it for cataloging potion recipes and spell techniques, but I have plenty of those already. This one I’m going to use as a journal now that I am traveling. It’s very tightly bound and has a lock in front to keep people out of it – to keep father out of it… I don’t believe it.

Everything happened so fast. One second we’re tending to a patient, the next: Stein is creating a scythe from some kind of magic and attacking my father. Then, the patient attacks him too in blood lust from his infection! It was unlike anything I could imagine, there was so much blood – his blood. I (tears smudge the ink making this part illegible) and I have no family left. Mom has been gone for so long, I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for her if I could.

I’m an orphan. I’m alone.

The part that hurts even more is that I don’t feel as bad as I should. He’s dead. Stein and Tholden say that its normal when you are treated as I have been, but I don’t want to feel that way. I want to be sad, I should be sad, but I feel relieved. I hate that I feel this way. I think it makes me a bad person… maybe I am.

They tell me that they have more friends on the outside of town and that I can be part of their ‘family’. I know Stein means what he’s saying. He seems very cold on the outside, but I can tell he has a very warm heart. He keeps telling me that it will all be okay and that he is sorry that I had to live like that for so long – I think that’s his way of apologizing for killing my father. I know he would do it again, but wishes he never had to…

I’ll need to think of a name for my journal, but for now I’ll just call you ‘journal’ and I’ll come back and change it later.



With love,

M.C. Grimm


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