Overcoming an impasse and…

When life challenges you, how can we cope with the struggle? How can we make tomorrow a better day?

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There are times in life when we find ourselves stuck. It could be a job, relationship or any impasse in life where the repetition has you feeling trapped.  Though there is no one right way to handle these situations there is only one wrong way: to do nothing.

When we are in this mindset we are destructive – implosive or explosive. We are unhappy with where we are at the moment, that is why we feel so grounded.

Now, to move forward we must sometimes look back. We have soared before and been able to touch the sky, but how did we get there – what was different? It might not be much of a difference to your lifestyle between that head in the clouds feeling and rock bottom.

What changed?

If you’re unhappy with your partner and you take a minute to think about it, you might find that you’re feeling distant. What changed? Have you been putting in more hours at work? Maybe the new baby is taking up what would have been your quality time together? Taking a step back to see where the problem started might reveal that you just need a day off or a night out together to bring your love back to life. Sometimes easier said than done, but always possible.

How about work? Feel like you have been spinning your wheels in the same position with little appreciation? Perhaps you have been chasing the carrot of that illusive promotion for years and keep being told it is just around the corner? Well there’s a laundry list of things that could be holding you back.
Is it you? Sometimes you have to take a deep look inward and really question if you are giving your best effort. Ask yourself, if you were the boss, would you appreciate an employee like you?
Is it your boss? It’s been statistically proven that (roughly) 75% of people that leave their current employer leave because of inadequate managers. Though every member of staff is replaceable, it is an expensive and time consuming process. How many people on a team would need to look for alternate careers before the company realizes its because of a single unfit member of management?
Is it your company/industry? Every industry has different stress and every company in that industry has its benefits and drawbacks to their procedures. If you are feeling stuck, would any competing company provide you a relief? Or are you simply not invested in the industry as a whole?

Reflect. Meditate.
Really find the center of your heart and what it would take to make you happy.

Our goal here today is to get through this darkness.
To get through this nightfall of uncertainty and find our way to a new dawn.
You’ll notice the photo is not of nightfall, but of dawn. This is our destination, the journey through the dark will serve to make us stronger and help us appreciate where we finish.

When we have discovered the root of our displeasure, the cause of this impasse, or whatever sprung this feeling of ‘trapped’, we can move forward from there. Take a deep breath and really dive deep down, being completely honest with your emotions and thoughts. Know that you will make it through, into a better and supportive place, I promise you will get there.

With love,

M.C. Grimm


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