Novel Update, Summary and Exclusive Access

The journey so far and where this path will take us on our heroic quest.

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I am on track towards having this novel ready and published for your reading pleasure by the deadline in May. Everything has been going incredibly smooth and I have been steadily receiving chapters back from my editor. It is an exciting and suspenseful journey with many twists, turns, and strikes of ‘backspace’.

Thank you for your support, and please take a peek at your blog-exclusive early access on Chapter 1: The Cleric of Tristian and Chapter 2: Man and Monster.

I have also prepared some brief sneak peaks on the world with Radiant Heroes. You can check out some behind the scenes information about the Radiant Empire, the starting place of our campaign and most powerful kingdom in the land. There is also a tour to the land of Vishnin, a small halfling village led by noble a Champion. In this reading you will also be introduced to Vyran, an important figure to the Radiant Heroes universe.

Spoiler alert: some characters were harmed in the making of this novel.

I will have more inside sneak peeks in the days to come that are exclusive to you here – please subscribe and follow at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for all your love and support, I look forward to delivering Radiant Heroes in its most captivating form.


With love,


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