Stories, Tales and Legends – what makes them as immortal as the fabled heroes themselves?

Jack the ripper, Zeus, Jason and the Argonauts, and Radiant Heroes?

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I have always envied the power of a true story. A spun tale or piece of history – polish the points and wrap it in a bow to endure the tests of time.

You could take the notorious Jack the Ripper, a faceless killer whose story, through fear and rumor has come to last centuries. Or you could have a mighty hero like Beowulf, who’s courageous tales have been told since 1000 AD. Let’s go back further – the legends of Zeus and Titans have been around since 700 BC. Hercules, Ra, Jason of the Argonauts, and many more honorable mentions. What has made them so powerful as to remain in present day?

I think it’s as simple as a feeling. Any feeling.
A good story breathes you in and makes you feel like the characters are there in front of you. It makes you relate to their pain, feel their joy, and know their loss and loves. Have you ever experienced a story that inspired you to live differently? How about one that made you cry? Instilled a fear in you? I would also consider a movie as a story. Who went swimming in the ocean after watching Jaws?

The goal of any story is to entertain and when it finds its way into the tomes of history a culture is created. It is the story, not necessarily the author, who is immortalized.And that is just as exciting.

I want to take you on a journey with our heroes and make you feel just as rewarded when they find a treasure. I also want you to feel their peril when they are dangling on the edge of a cliff and just as surprised when a trusted character does something terrible.

I want to share this excerpt that may not make the most sense right now, but really made me feel sorrow and loss as I went back to read it. My editor had teared up because of how the buildup to this moment developed. I hope you enjoy it.

{Lee sat on the floor, holding his palm against his eyes and periodically loosening his hand to let the tears roll away. It took him a few minutes to calm himself and regain his balance enough to start to pick up all the sketches that were thrown from his book in the scuffle. The edge of one familiar picture was sticking out from the others, Lee picked it up slowly. He held the colorful sketch of runny pastel colors that had shown a Lee from years ago holding up a cattletail rose to an attractive young woman. She was holding him up in the air with her eyes closed, and the most vibrant smile brightening her face. Lee stared at it and then squeezed it to his chest, “I miss you so much, Mom. You would keep me safe.”} An excerpt from Radiant Heroes: A Fantastic Youth.

Thank you for checking in and I look forward to delivering those sample chapters soon.

With love,

M.C. Grimm

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