Getting your name out there

Business cards, advertising, and a preview of the card I hope to hand to you in person.

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My business cards from vistaprint came in and I am very pleased. I’ve used them before and have always been satisfied with their templates, quality and price.

Whatever your business venture, recognition is key. Nothing says ‘this is what i do’ like a quality business card. Depending on your industry the style, color, and edges may vary, but the quality is everything. It is difficult to balance, but picking a design that is original while still being appealing to what service you are offering is everything. Most of these sites offer other products like drink-ware, pens, bookmarks, etc. but definitely look out for cheap products. One thing I hate more than feeling like I overpaid is feeling ripped off.

From my experience, I strongly recommend paying the up-charge for a quality stock. Not only does it give a good impression to your client, it gives you a sense of pride as you hands out the thousand you printed. As silly as it might sound, it also keeps them from curling or bending anytime someone might handle them.

I always considered my business card to be like a resume. It sums you up in a very small sales pitch and shouldn’t be too overwhelming – something mine is pushing the limits on with all the links, but I am happy none the less.

The front of my card has the page info and the rear is mostly decorative, but you could put more links and info on there if your business has need of the space. Also worth it versus leaving it blank for some businesses, particularly in more of an artistic or design industry.

I’m thrilled and proud to hand these out and share my future works with you in my Radiant Heroes series.

With love,

M.C. Grimm

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