The Radiant Empire

A brief tour to the setting of our Radiant Heroes story.


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The book is coming along very smoothly and I am very grateful to the love and support I have been receiving for everyone (including you, my favorite reader) in the process. I wanted to share a bit of information about the main territory where the books takes place and hopeful show you some of the beauty that there is to behold.

The world of Radiant Heroes begins in the rich and docile lands of the Radiant Empire.The land is mostly lush forest covering the rolling hills of the country. The tallest mountain in the world, The Fang, is to the north. It is surrounded by the most treacherous peaks and chasms to speak of, but is said to hold a view that captures the glory of the entire country. The larger cities like Tristian and Sundale are filled with the hustle of trade and merchants, but most citizens reside in smaller towns on the outskirts.

Here, there is an abundance of both resource and opportunity. There is freedom throughout the country and a great pride the people hold in their sense of equality. Of all the nations of the world, the Radiant Empire is considered to be the most wealthy and powerful. It is also considered to be the most diverse of both might and magic. Throughout the land one could find humans, elves, dwarves, kai, minotaurdragonkin, reptilin, orcs and more, in great numbers and coexisting – mostly.

Though equality is valued, this land is not a democracy by any means. The royal family is head by King Treyalt, a long demonstrated ruler in the interests of his subjects. The people praise him and honor the wealth he brings to them and the greatness of the empire itself. He is regarded as the most just and fair King of all time.

Life in the Radiant Empire is as wholesome as one could hope, but it isn’t easy. Not every citizen believes in the nations laws and not every leader is untouchable. Once you leave the protection of the city or township, you are in the land of the wilds. Traveling to another city or trading your wares could very easily be your undoing. However, if you are quick with a spell or a sword, you might just survive and even make a living out of it. In this world the legends you know and the creatures of myth –  they live and they hunger.

I look forward to sharing the world with you and thank you for following!

With love,

M.C. Grimm

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