Knowing who your friends are

Soulmates, soul friends, and the people you can’t live life without.


Ever play cards? Poker or Texas hold’em maybe? Notice how sometimes you can be on a roll – high or low. There’s a magnetism that can carry your luck and keep you there.

Similarly, there are many turning points where life can shuffle up the cards you’ve been dealt and give you a new trend. The ‘when it rains – it pours’ or ‘Murphy’s law’ kick in and these upward or (more notably) downward swings step in. In these defining rewarding or challenging of times we seem to be surrounded by only the true embodiment of people who are there for you.

On one hand you have your fair weather acquaintances. The people who want to ride your upswing and share in the party and always have a smile and a laugh to give you. Promotion with a celebratory dinner? Sure thing. Want someone to ride around in your new car with you? Of course. And the second all your chips are down and you have nothing but the shoes on your feet, where are they? You already know – they are riding the upswing of that other acquaintance who just had some good news. Your sadness brings them down, call back when your ready for a good time.

Now, this post isn’t about them.

This is a special shout-out to those quality individuals who are appreciated by the very few and never let that discourage them. The people who come to action for you before you have even come to understand what’s going on. When you tell them ‘you’re fine’ they say ‘no really whats going on?’ and take the time to hear you out. Car trouble? Be right there. Rough day? Tell me. Low on cash and hungry? My treat.

These are the lifers, and I say that because when your find these someones who care as much for you as they do themselves – you should be sure to reciprocate and keep them involved in your life. If you feel like you have very few of them, don’t lose hope. There’s no such thing as a quitter who keeps trying – that applies to everything in life. Keep your eyes open and when someone comes into your life, return the favor.

Now I know, life can get busy and pull you in thirty directions at once, but the effort is worth it. No one gets to a point of success or happiness on their own. One way or another we only really live when we are interconnected. You will get hurt sometimes and that’s okay. For better or worse, you need to play your hand and find a way to win with it. What is winning? Finding happiness – whatever that is to you. What is losing? Accepting that you won’t be happy.

I remember reading a book Searching for the One. It was much about soul mates and finding love out there in the vast world of personalities. Much of what is spoke of was soul mates, but another part was of soul friends. People who you are so compatible with you are destined to find one another and journey through life together – as life companions. Imagine that in either measure, someone who is destined to live sharing through your lowest of lows and dance through your highs. If you are lucky, you will find it quickly. If you are patient, you will find it.

So I want to ask you, who do you call when your at your worst? Who takes that call and does whats necessary, for no one else but you? Take the time to say thank you, or make that call to see what their day was like today. Don’t be afraid to tell a friend you love them, there are so many depths of love that to keep them in wouldn’t be doing your soul any justice. Let it out, I’m sure they would love to hear from you.


With love,
M.C. Grimm


4 comments on “Knowing who your friends are”

  1. I think finding true friendship is getting increasingly difficult with the change in social interaction over time. We’ve gone from a society of having to converse with someone in person in order to form connections to one where you simply communicate verbally (via text or Facebook,etc.). Something like ninety percent of communication is nonverbal, which says a lot for how much we are missing out on forming genuine connections with other people.
    There’s a video out there regarding millennials. In it, Simon Sinek mentions how millennials feel they can’t form meaningful relationships. It’s pretty interesting and scary at the same time.

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    1. Very true. There’s a certain social skill that is being lost to the way of non-personal text. There’s a difference to feeling love in a hug and the four letters of l-o-v-e, not to mention being able to express it. It is very interesting how social media create social issues by disconnecting us from one another physically. Maybe that’s our fault for letting a text message replace a phone call/visit?


  2. I know. They should call it anti-social media. And people prefer text messages now over even a phone call. Phone calls don’t even require being face to face.

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    1. One of the companies I was interviewing with preferred contact via text message up until the interview. It’s the evolution of technology. Maybe it will lead to something good? To make up for the lack of social skills.


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