Novel Pitches for the slightly, moderately, and excitedly-interested audience.

Take a look at some pitches for the Radiant Heroes project I’m working on – I would love your feedback.

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So in the process of writing Radiant Heroes I am continuously in a mode of learning the process of ‘whats next’. Telling the story comes easily to me (for now),I can easily put words on the page and I am very excited to have a story as rich as this. That being said, how much of a story is really the book? Let’s break it down to any product; it can be the best of its kind and if it’s not in an attractive packaging no one will look twice at it. Or even if its a great product in the perfect package, if its on the shelves of the wrong store it won’t go far – and so on. It’s the principle that the pet rock was built on.

Now I have been reading from other authors that it’s best to have a few pitches. The reason being, to vary between them depending on the interest level of my audience. So I have prepared a few and I would love some suggestions to help further my progress here while also sharing a bit of this project with you.


First pitch- to someone who is only slightly curious of the book.

The story takes place in a land of beasts, monsters and magic in times similar to the medieval period where the sword, bow or in this case spell were common place.  It follows a young boy whose father is murdered in front of him and the very killers take him in and along on their adventures.

Second pitch- to someone who is moderately interested.

It tells the story of a young boy named Lee with a gift of magic. His father was murdered by a group of adventurers commissioned by the kingdom to slay dangerous creatures. The boy, now orphaned, is thrown into a world of fighting for survival with the very people who turned his world upside down as he joins them on their journey to protect the Radiant Empire.

Third pitch- to someone who is excited about the book.

We follow along with a young boy named Lee who was born with a magical gift. He lives with his father Lavi, a town healer and cleric in the Radiant Empire. One night, some adventurers come calling for help and while treating their wounded, Lavi is murdered by a member of their group. One of them, Stein, takes in the boy as his owns and vows to teach him how to survive in this world where he will learn to hunt formidable monsters. At first, Lee is scared and alone, but his trust in the group leads him to discover the magic of a new family.

Any constructive feedback is always appreciated – hey I like just hearing from you so please comment below and thank you for checking in!


With love,
M.C. Grimm


1 comments on “Novel Pitches for the slightly, moderately, and excitedly-interested audience.”

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