M.C. Grimm: Where to find your passion

A few simple points to unlock and appreciate the passion in your daily life.


Everything in life requires passion. Every part of living that is emotion, love or happiness is, at the very heart – passion.

The day to day routine of responsibilities can weigh heavy on your life, your mind and your heart. It is needless to say that the longevity of a dutiful routine creates a certain stress. It can almost start to seem as if you are counting down the minutes for your workdays or schooldays to end. Before you know it ending the day isn’t enough, waiting for the end of the week becomes your ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. From there, you find yourself in a blur, going through the motions for the next vacation break and hoping your subconscious is smart enough to manage the  cruise control.

When I find myself in this place, I consider myself shipwrecked – hence the photo. I feel hopeless. I likely know where I am, I have enough supplies to survive, but I don’t feel as if I am truly living. I know staying in one place isn’t going to get me where I want to be, but what can I do?

Most things are easier said than done. Surrounding yourself with some inspirational and positive people would make the sea that much smaller, but remember – this island is in your own mind. You are stranded here in this mindset and you are the only one who can set yourself free.

Firstly, you would be amazed how the simplest things can have such a release. When was the last time you took a deep breath? I mean really, filled your lungs to capacity and slowly exhaled – ten consecutive times. Let’s start right there with giving yourself enough oxygen to unlock your mind.

Remember when I said everything in life requires passion? It’s true. Every piece of art, couple walking the streets holding hands, even just the turkey shape of a cloud bubbling overhead – they can all rekindle your passion to create or to do something more. It’s a matter of taking it in. Watch the breeze as it churns the trees, shakes the leaves and dwindle down to a light sway of the grass.

I find myself taking these moment whenever I sit to write my novel, Radiant Heroes. After a draining day of work, my passion meter is a bit low. Sometimes all it might take is a sign of affection, while other times, a call with close friend or a game session. What I have found being most revitalizing for me seems to tie directly with an act of appreciation. Making that call to an old friend to see where life has taken them because somewhere in my life – they have supported me. Having a long hug (10+ seconds min) with your family or partner, while you praise them for taking out dinner when you had forgotten and how you missed him/her. Passion is being given out through your soul, and reflected back to you in equal measure. Giving out that very love has multiplied your resolve. Sounds silly? No, it’s just almost too simple. What do you do?

If nothing else captures you, please remember – Life is meant to be lived, not endured.
Find your passion and make sweet sweet love to it.

With love,
M.C. Grimm


11 comments on “M.C. Grimm: Where to find your passion”

    1. thank you, it felt so appropriate for that feeling of mental stagnation – when i would allow myself to be marooned by stresses and dimmed. i could probably have written about it forever having spent years on that island. if you ever need an ear, you have my info


  1. Beautifuly written.my wonderful son, you have always had knowledge and right verbage to write and express yourself and to put your creativity into words and create it into an adventure.

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  2. Yes! I think that all of life’s beautiful moments can happen so fast and go unnoticed if you don’t take the time to observe what’s happening around you. It’s true what you say, and I can especially relate to a draining day at my day job ( I work in marketing- fast paced, very focused) and it doesn’t leave a lot of “creative energy for my own stories.

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    1. I’m in insurance hahahaha I know how you feel. I was in worse place when I wrote that, I have since switched companies to something MUCH better. Marketing you say, I may have to message you about that, my sister-in-law is entering that phase of life of college choices and was thinking about it. I’ll message.

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